Our walk through Berlin galleries was so prolific, it would be a big mistake not to mention some of the particular artists and their exciting artworks here in detail.

What I appreciated most was the innovativeness of the artists, who mixed techniques and mediums to achieve a surprising effect. The present exhibition in caspar gallery shows art pieces of Anja Sieber. Taking sounds and narratives as an inspiration, she creates artworks between painting and sculpture. With the use of acrylic gel Sieber transfers a drawing or a print into an elastic colorful material, which after the paint dries resembles a kind of a 3D painting. The intertwining colors and forms play with our mind and after a while we start to make out contours of the real objects in this seemingly abstract work.

Anja Sieber "FAUNA festlich" cycle

Anja Sieber “FAUNA festlich” cycle

Another artist whose works are on display in the gallery is Angela Mercedes Donna Otto. Her exhibition “Klecksograffia” proves that everyday objects can become art. Otto replaces print with tea and coffee stains distributing them freely on the old book pages. Kleckse – blots create the figures of fictive creatures on the paper.

»fragments«:  Angela Mercedes Donna Otto (source:

Angela Mercedes Donna Otto (source:

Photography as a popular art medium today was also an essential part of the exhibitions. What interested me most was when photographs were combined with different techniques.

Although photography is a young art form, experiments in this field are known from the very beginning from its emergence, that is from the second half of the 19th century. Gum bichromates for instance are photographs which due to its development process obtain a picturesque element and can even be difficult to distinguish from paintings. A Dutch artist Teun Hocks, presenting his works in Bassange, actually adds paint to the photographs, which in turn creates a magical atmosphere. The piece “Untitled” (Man walking with painting under his arm) resembles an illustration from a children’s book.

Teun Hocks: “Untitled” (Man walking with painting under his arm)



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