Opening of the Maja Wolna exhibition in the Pigasus Gallery (06.03.2014)

A few weeks ago, to my amazement and delight, I discovered the Pigasus Gallery – the Polish Poster Gallery in Berlin. Once a month the gallery opens its doors to a new exhibition of Polish and international artists. Last Thursday, 6. March, I visited Pigasus Gallery for the opening of the exhibition of posters by Maja Wolna.

First of all, I was personally impressed by the fact that the collection of Polish posters in the small hidden gallery in Prenzlauer Berg has such a wide and dedicated audience! Though, I can assure you that the works of Maja Wolna carry ideological massage to the political questions current in various places on Earth. In the exhibition you will find her posters from the series “From Behind the Veil”, which give attention to the position of women in Muslim societies. Each poster in a minimalistic and lapidar way presents intelligent metaphors taking notice of female discrimination. Pictures are accompanied by meaningful excerpts of Muslim laws  Image    Image    Image

Maja Wolna’s posters are also concerned with political issues in her homeland and her graphic art is being published in a popular  Polish journal “Gazeta Wyborcza”.  Topics on the map are among others pedophilia in Church and abortion laws, controversial and conspicuous subjects in Poland at the moment.

The current exhibition in the Pigasus gallery gives an overview of the subjects and forms developed in the artist’s career, which is at the same time an overview of the social condition in Poland and abroad. Every poster is a strong ideological tool, which makes me remind the great tradition of this medium represented by Polish Poster School in the postwar Poland. No matter if Maja Wolna identifies with and refers to those traditional ideals, her works are definitely a proud continuation of this tradition.

Pigasus Gallery:

Maja Wolna – official website:



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